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UT for Me – Powered by Dell Scholars: Meet Ang Ruiz

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Major: Studio Art, with a Digital and Media Bridging Disciplines Program (BDP) certificate

Student organizations and University programs: Riso Room fellow

This San Antonio native and member of 2020 UT for Me cohort shares how the program defined their Longhorn experience.

What made you decide to come to The University of Texas at Austin?

I decided to attend UT because their financial aid was great and there were so many printmaking courses offered, as well as digital media classes that really spoke to my interests. UT was also in a great location — close enough to my hometown to visit, but also far enough that I could explore a new city.

How did UT for Me shape your college experience?

UT for Me provided a network with so many wonderful resources I knew I could count on with whatever I needed — from advisors and counselors to support me with any questions I had along the way to peers who I could build a community with. UT for Me also made college a reality for me through financial aid, which I’m forever grateful for.

What surprised you the most about your experience with UT for Me?

I was surprised by how caring and involved everyone was. I received communications from my advisors and counselors frequently and it made me feel so supported that they were always very attentive to student needs. The resources we had access to also really surprised me. The computer I received through UT for Me has and still plays such a pivotal role in my art-making practice.

What accomplishment from your time at UT are you most proud of?

All of the struggles I overcame without letting it impact my personality or my academics. I’m proud of the person I’ve become and hope will continue thriving. I learned a lot about what my interests — and disinterests — are throughout my time at the University, such as printmaking. I wouldn’t have ventured off into this form of art if I hadn’t attended UT.

What is your favorite memory on campus?

Probably getting to meet new people, including forming friendships with my peers. But also getting to know my professors, which is an incredibly broad memory but it’s hard to choose only one! I’m so grateful for all of the people I’ve gotten to meet, who have inspired me both directly and indirectly. There’s so much we can learn from one another.

What are you going to miss the most about UT?

On a general note, I’ll probably miss the printmaking labs and the people within the Art Department the most. It was always such a bonding experience to be printing late at night or during weekends, especially with fellow art friends — probably some of my favorite moments.

I think location-wise I’m going to miss James Turrell’s “Skyspace: The Color Inside” the most. I loved going there during the early afternoon and staying for a few hours, working on sketches and/or meditating. Something really fruitful would always sprout from the moments I spent there.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I plan to continue printmaking and working creatively, both in digital media and through graphic design. I hope to work within the creative field, whether that be in a design setting, fine art or something else. I really hope that in the near future I can contribute to making printmaking a more accessible practice within my community.

What are you looking forward to most after you graduate?

After I graduate, I’m looking forward to finally obtaining my diploma. As a first-generation Latine student, this is so exciting for my family and I! While I have no clue what’s next after graduation — which is both exciting and frightening because it’s so open-ended — I am so hopeful for the road ahead.

UT for Me – Powered by Dell Scholars ensures all Longhorns have access to the tools and resources needed for a successful college career. UT for Me provides Pell-eligible Longhorns personalized, multi-faceted support throughout their time at The University of Texas at Austin, helping them stay on track toward their degrees and graduate ready to change the world.