Class of 2020

UT Class of 2020

Outstanding Seniors

These eight UT20 seniors demonstrate we are stronger together.

Congratulations to The University of Texas at Austin Class of 2020 – you are Longhorns. We know this is not how you pictured finishing your time as an undergrad, but the current moment does not have to define you. During the past four years, this class has demonstrated remarkable resilience, tenacity and creativity. Among you, there are countless achievements to highlight. Most significantly, we have seen your commitment to one another. That is why we have chosen these eight outstanding UT20 seniors to highlight. They have shaped communities on campus, excelled at leadership and fostered connections. Remember that although your time on campus might be ending, the relationships you built are not.

Margaret Siu, UT20 Senior

Marshall Scholar and Plan II senior Margaret Siu came to campus ready to make her mark and with the help of mentors has now set her sights on the world.

Brandon Okeke, UT20 Senior

Biochemistry senior Brandon Okeke explains why he is quick to share his phone number, his med school plans, and his love of learning.

Luca Tomescu, UT20 Senior

Electrical and Computer Engineering senior Luca Tomescu made UT a more vibrant community by founding TEDxUTAustin.

Briana Ortiz, UT20 Senior

Biology senior Briana Ortiz talks about her hometown of Laredo, her passion for health care, and how she hopes to become a bridge between the two.

Maria Tangarova, UT20 Senior

Finance senior Maria Tangarova reflects on starting a record label, going to the Grammys, and looking out for artists in the music industry.

David Chen, UT20 Senior

Dell Scholar Ambassador David Chen discusses empathy and building connections with first-generation students on campus.

Amie Jean, UT20 Senior

Student Body VP Amie Jean talks about education and the true value of the unnamed moments that surround it.

Laura Laughead, UT20 Senior

School of Journalism valedictorian Laura Laughead talks about the value of experience, self-advocacy and bold reporting.