Opinions: Texas Perspectives

The Only Way Forward on Immigration is Through Our Stories

July 13, 2018
Flag and Fence

Unless people tell their stories and we listen, we can’t know what drives someone to cross. 

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Supreme Court Ruling Puts Texas Small Businesses at Risk

July 11, 2018
Supreme Court

Small businesses must be proactive and work with state legislatures to establish workable provisions. 

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Separating Kids at Border Belies Our Christian Values

July 9, 2018
Family Detention

Those who support “zero tolerance” immigration policies are violating fundamental commitments. 

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Merger of the Departments of Labor and Education is a Scam

July 5, 2018

This effort is nothing more than a shell game that would result in greater imbalance. 

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We Need to Reinvent Retirement. Our Universities Can Help.

July 2, 2018
Older Learner

We all benefit by identifying mechanisms to leverage the energy of this segment of society.

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