Opinions: Texas Perspectives

By Separating Families, We've Caused Irreparable Harm

June 21, 2018
Kids in Cells

It should not be left to the states to channel funds or fix this problem. 

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NFL’s Protest Policy Is Not Unjust, But It Solves Nothing

June 19, 2018
NFL Protests

The new policy, trying to please everyone, pleases almost no one.

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Dads: Speak Positively with Your Kids About Race

June 18, 2018

The messages young people hear matters, and so does dad’s involvement with their children. 

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Americans Can’t Afford a Trump Trade War

June 15, 2018

In today’s complex, interconnected economy, these bilateral deficits are practically unavoidable. 

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A Private Soccer Stadium is Not a Good Deal for Austin

June 14, 2018
ATX Stadium

City leaders need to recognize that Austin has the bargaining advantage here. 

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