Opinions: Texas Perspectives

Amazon's New HQ Better for Politicians Than Community

May 31, 2018

 Children in their local public schools who often end up as the losers in these deals.

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On Memorial Day, Let’s Prove Gen. Logan Wrong

May 30, 2018

Keep in your heart what veterans have done for us all.

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This Memorial Day is a Time for National Renewal

May 29, 2018

Our power is meaningless without a firm connection to our democratic values.

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Foster Care Does Not Cause Teen Pregnancy

May 23, 2018
Teen Pregnancy

Trauma and inequality increase the risk, not the Texas foster care system itself.

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Stigma is Sill the Biggest Issue with HIV

May 21, 2018

There is no medication for stigma. Overcoming stigma requires a conscious awareness. It is a choice. 

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