Press Releases

UT Austin to Host Three Finalists VP of DDCE

May 9, 2018
UT Austin

UT Austin will host three finalists for the position of vice president for diversity and community engagement on campus.

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Convocation Speakers to Address Spring 2018 Graduates

May 8, 2018

Leaders from business, politics, fashion, media and academia are among the speakers for the 2018 spring convocation ceremonies held by schools and colleges at UT Austin on May 18 and 19.

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Sleep May Help Slow Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

May 7, 2018
Dr. Richards

Could something as simple as sleep slow or even roll back the effects of cognitive impairment and the progression to Alzheimer’s disease? That may be the case, according to a UT Austin’s School of Nursing study.

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New Survey on Consumer Attitudes Toward Biometric Technology

May 3, 2018

Consumers feel more comfortable with fingerprint scanning than with other types of biometric technology, including face, eye, voice and other biometric measurements, according to a survey from the Center for Identity at UT Austin.

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Anti-Alcoholism Drug Shows Promise in Animal Models

May 3, 2018

Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin have successfully tested in animals a drug that, they say, may one day help block the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that incessantly coax people with alcoholism to drink.

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