Topic: Climate change

Amid Climate Change, Hope Can Help Inspire Change

Sept. 12, 2018
Climate Change

Hope can help inspire real solutions to climate change. 

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Ice Shelves Compromised by Effects of Ocean and Atmosphere

June 13, 2018

Scientists have discovered the world’s ice shelves are being destabilized from above and below and documented for the first time how these forces work together to carve off enormous pieces of ice and increase sea level.

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The Conservative Case for Combating Climate Change

May 1, 2018
Climate Change

It’s time for conservatives to recognize our constitutional mandate to battle climate change. 

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East Antarctic Ice Sheet Has History of Instability

Dec. 13, 2017

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet may not be as stable as it seems.

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UT receives $4 million for carbon storage partnership

Dec. 4, 2017
UT Austin

UT has been tapped to lead a $4 million partnership to explore how carbon dioxide emitted from industry on the Gulf Coast can be safely stored deep under the Gulf of Mexico.

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