Topic: Coal

Texas Has a Golden Opportunity for Clean Energy

Dec. 11, 2017
Solar Farm

Leveraging our existing resources is a responsible step in the right direction.

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The Federal Government Can’t Save Texas Coal

Nov. 20, 2017

Coal is dying off, at least in Texas, and there is not much that can, or should, be done about it.

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The Trump Administration is ‘Rolling Coal.’ That Isn’t Good

Oct. 26, 2017
Coal Train

Are subsidies necessary to ensure system reliability? No, they are not. 

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10 Reasons Why Passing a Price on Carbon Could Be A Win

June 21, 2017

 A domestic deal on carbon emissions could be a huge win for the embattled president that could make a lot of people from all over the map happy.

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Texas Can Be a Leader in New Transportation Fuels

April 5, 2017

Texas industry can play a key role in the era of electrified transportation.

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