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This Data Source Could Enable Better Flu Forecasts

Sept. 19, 2018
Electronic Health Records Improve Flu Forecasts

New research shows that data routinely collected by health care companies could enable more accurate forecasts of when the next flu season will peak, how long it will last and how many people will get sick.

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Testing for Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes with a Cell Phone

Aug. 30, 2018
Mosquito Analyzer

A new diagnostic tool can quickly and cheaply identify whether a mosquito belongs to the species that carries dangerous diseases such as Zika virus, dengue, chikungunya or yellow fever.

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Making Cancer More Normal Blocks Drug Resistance

Aug. 23, 2018
Structure of Cancer Drug C1

A new combination of existing drugs shows promise that it could reduce the size of cancerous tumors much more effectively than current treatments.

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DNA Barcodes That Reliably Work

June 20, 2018

A new method for correcting errors that creep into DNA barcodes, labels used in a wide range of biological experiments, yields far more accurate results and paves the way for more ambitious medical research in the future.

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Tweaking Bacteria's Genes Might Yield Longer-Lasting Drugs

June 4, 2018
Recoded bacterial protein

By altering the genetic code in bacteria, researchers have demonstrated a method to make therapeutic proteins more stable, an advance that would improve the drugs' effectiveness and convenience.

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