Topic: College of Natural Sciences

DNA Barcodes That Reliably Work

June 20, 2018

A new method for correcting errors that creep into DNA barcodes, labels used in a wide range of biological experiments, yields far more accurate results and paves the way for more ambitious medical research in the future.

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Tweaking Bacteria's Genes Might Yield Longer-Lasting Drugs

June 4, 2018
Recoded bacterial protein

By altering the genetic code in bacteria, researchers have demonstrated a method to make therapeutic proteins more stable, an advance that would improve the drugs' effectiveness and convenience.

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Caffarelli Receives 2018 Shaw Prize in Mathematics

May 14, 2018
Luis Caffarelli

Professor Luis Caffarelli received one of the world’s biggest prizes for mathematics, the 2018 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences, which includes $1.2 million.

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Anti-Alcoholism Drug Shows Promise in Animal Models

May 3, 2018

Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin have successfully tested in animals a drug that, they say, may one day help block the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that incessantly coax people with alcoholism to drink.

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Creating Star Stuff on Earth

April 19, 2018

With a new $7 million grant, astrophysicists will re-create the physical environment inside white dwarf stars, helping reduce uncertainties about the sizes and ages of these super-dense objects.

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