Topic: College of Natural Sciences

UT Austin Offers Online Master’s Degree in Nutrition

July 3, 2017
Girl with apples

A new online Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences, launching in the fall 2017 semester, will provide a rigorous education to working professionals.

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Bullying, Bias Can Cost Schools Millions in Lost Funding

June 29, 2017
Student Absenteeism is Tied to Bullying

When children avoid school to avoid bullying, many states' schools lose funding. New research from The University of Texas at Austin highlights the hidden costs of bullying.

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Safer Gene-Editing Therapy Using CRISPR

June 29, 2017

Technique could help overcome obstacles to treating life-threatening disorders such as cancer, HIV and Huntington's disease

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Spying on Fish Love Calls to Prevent Overfishing

June 13, 2017
Scientists Spy on Fish Mating Calls

Marine scientists have discovered a way to use the incredibly loud, distinctive sounds fish make when they gather to spawn--not to catch them, but to protect them.

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Starving Prostate Cancer With What You Eat for Dinner

June 6, 2017

New research from The University of Texas at Austin identifies several natural compounds found in food, including turmeric, apple peels and red grapes, as key ingredients that could thwart the growth of prostate cancer.

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