Topic: Genetics

Genes Are Key to Academic Success, Study Shows

Sept. 5, 2018

Parents always worry about whether their children will do well in school, but their kids probably were born with much of what they will need to succeed.

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How to Make the Gene-Editing Tool CRISPR Work Even Better

Aug. 2, 2018
DNA Illustration

Scientists have identified a protein for use in CRISPR gene editing that is more effective and accurate than the protein most commonly in use. 

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Fish’s Use of Electricity May Shed Light on Human Illnesses

June 21, 2018
Brienomyrus brachyistius

Weakly electric fish, commonly called baby whales, use brief electrical pulses to sense the world around them and communicate. By studying these fish, scientists may unlock clues about conditions like epilepsy. 

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Tweaking Bacteria's Genes Might Yield Longer-Lasting Drugs

June 4, 2018
Recoded bacterial protein

By altering the genetic code in bacteria, researchers have demonstrated a method to make therapeutic proteins more stable, an advance that would improve the drugs' effectiveness and convenience.

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Texas Alum Michael Young Awarded Nobel Prize

Oct. 2, 2017
Dr. Young portrait

Michael W. Young, recipient of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, received his bachelor's and doctoral degrees from UT Austin.

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