Topic: Mental health

To Help Separated Families, Tap the Experts

Aug. 10, 2018
Child Stress

We owe it to them, and we owe it now. We must earn their trust.

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Attack on Mental Health Support Ignores Campus Climate

Aug. 8, 2018
 Mental Health

Focusing on mental health and building systems of support should be lauded and supported. 

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Work, Money Worries Leave Many Musicians Singing the Blues

Aug. 2, 2018

Dell Med Researcher Identifies Key Factors Affecting Musicians’ Mental Health   

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Saying Mental Illness and Mass Violence Go Together is Wrong

April 19, 2018
Mental Health

Labeling mass killers mentally ill is used to separate “them” from us. 

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Name Use Matters for Transgender Youths' Mental Health

March 30, 2018
Abstract illustration of human profile with bright colors

In a recent study, researchers found that when transgender youths are allowed to use their chosen names their risk of suicide and depression decreases. 

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