Topic: Solar

Single-System Solar Tech Cuts Clean Energy Costs in Half

May 22, 2018
UT's solar farm located on Pickle Research Campus

The DOE has awarded $3 million to UT engineers to overcome the Achilles’ heel of the solar power story: efficient energy storage.

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Why This Summer Might Be a Test for the Texas Electric Grid

April 27, 2018
Power line

There is a change happening with energy. Should we be concerned about it? Maybe, maybe not. 

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Texas Has a Golden Opportunity for Clean Energy

Dec. 11, 2017
Solar Farm

Leveraging our existing resources is a responsible step in the right direction.

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The Federal Government Can’t Save Texas Coal

Nov. 20, 2017

Coal is dying off, at least in Texas, and there is not much that can, or should, be done about it.

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What the Next 40 Years of the DOE Should Bring

Aug. 9, 2017

The agency is at crossroads. We as a nation must turn toward smarter energy management. 

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