A New Kind of Road Trip

entrepreneurship, Longhorn startup, App
April 17, 2018

Students take ridesharing to the next level with the Krew app thanks to the Genesis program and the Longhorn Startup Lab.

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Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin

April 10, 2018

McCombs School of Business professor Cesare Fracassi explains how the technology created for virtual currency will change the way we do business. 

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How Taxes Affect Our Wallets and Our Health

Health and Taxes
April 6, 2018

When Dr. Michael Hole was a pediatrician in Boston, he discovered a key to unlocking a healthier future for many families – help with taxes.

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Join the Crowd(funding)

Hornraiser 2018
March 26, 2018

Building rockets, discovering ancient manuscripts, training future Olympians - with a little financial support, these and other boundary-pushing projects can change the world.

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UTPD Takes Proactive Safety Measures Given Recent Events

Be Aware. Be Safe. Cropped.
March 20, 2018

In the wake of the recent bombings in Austin, UTPD says there is no evidence of any immediate threats to campus. However, they urge the community to be aware and alert of their surroundings.

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Behind the Scenes of UT Austin's Vast Insect Collection

Insects Unlocked: Orchid Bee
March 19, 2018

Alex Wild is not only an entomologist, he is also a skilled photographer. He has merged his two passions to bring UT’s vast insect collection out of the vaults and into the public eye.

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