Beaver Fossil Named After Buc-ee’s

AUSTIN, Texas — A new species of ancient beaver that was rediscovered by researchers in The University of Texas at Austin’s fossil collections has been named after Buc-ee’s, a Texa…

What Starts Here Campaign Stories

What Starts Here Campaign Stories

A Veteran Connection

Alumnus Dick Wade’s generosity will help fellow veterans through college. Meet Brania Gonzalez, the first student to receive his scholarship.

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Landmarks Celebrates 15 Years on Campus

AUSTIN, Texas — Landmarks integrates great works of art into everyday life at The University of Texas at Austin. An essential part of the Longhorn experience, Landmarks beautifies…

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Outstanding in His Field

Lifelong farmer and award-winning math teacher Bill Wolesensky on how math changed him and how it can change the world

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Find the best point of contact for all TEXAS colleges and schools, museums, centers and units.

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Looking for an expert from the University? Find faculty experts on everything from business and politics to world cultures and science.