Texas Student Photographers Association Presents Photographic Exhibition

Event: The Texas Student Photographers Association, the University of Texas at Austin chapter of the National Press Photographers Association, presents a photographic exhibition, "Who, What, Where."

The show features original works of 21 graduate and undergraduate photojournalists and photographers from The University of Texas at Austin.

When: 7-9 p.m., May 15

Where: Pedernales Lofts, 22401 East 6th Street, Suite 2028

Background: As media are redefined, traditional documentary photojournalism still holds an important place in our society.

"Documentary photojournalism plays a vital role in democratic civil society by bringing visual messages of witness and the spectrum of human emotion that make us aware of what happens in our own communities and how we are connected to and affected by global realities in a fast changing world," said Donna De Cesare, national and international award-winning documentary photographer and associate professor in the School of Journalism.

This event brings together a variety of perspectives and aesthetics. Photographers involved bring their unique perspective of the world to this rich and colorful show.

The exhibition will feature a silent auction of 21 16x24 archival digital prints, framed and matted, as well as a print donated by internationally acclaimed photojournalist and Magnum Photographer Eli Reed, faculty adviser of the group.

Proceeds benefit the Texas Student Photographers Association scholarship fund.