University of Texas at Austin Experts Weigh in on Mid-term Elections

As the Tea Party movement tries to gain clout, Democrats struggle to hold onto power and Texans focus on a gubernatorial race, faculty experts at The University of Texas at Austin are offering analysis of next month's historic mid-term elections.

The university this week unveiled the Mid-term Elections blog, which can be viewed at the Know Web site. The blog will feature more than a dozen entries a week, including videos, from experts in such fields as government, journalism, psychology, business and law.

Faculty members will analyze the latest polls and help readers better understand issues that could drive the elections: the economy, the border and immigration, unemployment, the war in Afghanistan, health care, the Gulf oil spill and the role of government. They'll also examine such topics as media bias and why voters behave the way they do.

The University of Texas at Austin has some of the leading scholars in the nation on politics and key election-year issues. Through the blog, those experts will seek to foster an informed discussion about the upcoming elections.

"Most of us will never be as witty as Molly Ivins or as provocative as Karl Rove when it comes to discussing politics," School of Social Work Professor Diana DiNitto writes in her first entry, "but neither we nor the candidates we elect should be so shrill that only dogs can hear us."

Other regular contributors include Texas Politics Project Director James Henson, psychologist Arthur Markman, communications scholar Natalie (Talia) Stroud and public affairs Professor Sherri Greenberg.

Earlier this year, the university introduced the Border Views video series through which faculty members continue to offer insight into the debate over immigration reform and border enforcement.