Changing Your World

Changing Your World

Longhorns Working for a Vibrant Texas

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Landon Hackley, '20

Major: Biomedical Engineering, Pre-med

This is what happens when an engineer, a future surgeon, and a social entrepreneur come together.

Zeyi Lin, BS '18

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Helping Texans get home sooner is his passion.

Regan Preston, '19

Major: Communications Studies

Showing high school students the value of college is her passion.

Marwan Madi, '20

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bringing new technology to agriculture is Marwan’s innovation.

TexNet has installed seismometer stations across the state.

Researchers at UT's Bureau of Economic Geology are understanding the West Texas earthquake problem. They are finding the causes to help lessen future impact on Texans.

Emmalie Berkovsky, BS ’17, Dell Med ’21

Major: Chemical Engineering/ Doctor of Medicine

Growing up in a small town has many perks, but world-class medical care isn’t always one of them. That is why Dell Med student Emmalie Berkovsky plans to return to her hometown of Shiner to serve the community she loves.


Andrea Chee, BS ’18

Major: Speech Communication

El Paso’s Andrea Chee wants Texans with speech challenges to succeed. “Communication is important,” she says. “It’s the foundation of everything we do.”

Speech therapist Andrea Chee.

Alejandra Ortega, BS ’15

Major: Applied Learning and Development

In her second year on the job, Alejandra Ortega was named Houston’s Secondary Teacher of the Year. Here’s why.

Applied Learning and Development class of 2015 Alejandra Ortega
Marine Science Ph.D. candidate Chris Biggs sitting in a small boat listening for seatrout.

Researchers at UT’s Marine Science Institute are strengthening the gamefish population along the Texas coast.

Ricky Cooks, ’21

Major: Business Honors and Government

Ricky Cooks, a student in UT’s McCombs School of Business, wants to use his degree to build the economy of Texas and lift local communities.

McCombs Business's student Ricky Cooks

Janelle Chavez, ’19

Major: Biology

Biology major Janelle Chavez ventured to Austin for her education and plans to return to the Valley to improve health care.

Biology class of 2019 Janelle Chavez.

Liam Harlan, ’19

Major: Chemical Engineering

Liam Harlan wants to use data to fast-track advances in chemical engineering. Because the state of Texas has a first-class research university, this valedictorian didn’t have to leave Texas to get the experience a top researcher needs.

Chemical Engineering class of 2018 Liam Harlan.

Impact Across Texas

From interaction with thought-leading professors to collaboration with their brilliant peers, students at The University of Texas at Austin are given everything they need to make a difference in their community.

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