Class of 2021

UT Senior Stories 2021

A New Tomorrow, Class of 2021

These UT21 seniors demonstrate that the success of tomorrow is defined by how you rise to the challenges of today.

Congratulations to The University of Texas at Austin Class of 2021 —  you are Longhorns. This past year has been like no other. It will go down in history as a defining juncture in your lives and in the world — you have risen to the challenge. You have showcased your grit, ambition and compassion. Despite uncertainty, you continued to push forward to grow and explore. We have chosen these 10 outstanding UT21 seniors to highlight because of their pledge to shape a brighter future. Among them are inventors, entrepreneurs and community leaders ready to change the world.

Arjun Menta, UT21 Senior

Patent-pending entrepreneur and biochemistry and business senior Arjun Menta continues brainstorming and innovating — even from his garage.

Jalesha Bass, UT21 Senior

Journalism and communication and leadership senior Jalesha Bass has faith in her ideas, which have already taken her very far.

Beatrice Torres, UT21 Senior

Neuroscience senior Beatrice Torres puts her heart into service on the Forty Acres and beyond.

Luke Heckmann, UT21 Senior

From honeybees to medicine, Luke Heckmann is a biomedical engineering senior and all-star undergraduate researcher who cannot be boxed in.

Anagha Kikkeri, UT21 Senior

Student Government President Anagha Kikkeri talks about overcoming leadership challenges and making an impact on the Forty Acres.

Hyeonseung “Shawn” Lee, UT21 Senior

Computational engineering senior Hyeonseung “Shawn” Lee seeks to build not only cool machines but also amazing teams.

Mia Stanley, UT21 Senior

Art history senior Mia Stanley on finding community with the Longhorn Band and deciphering ancient language mysteries during the pandemic.

Ricky Cooks, UT21 Senior

Government senior Ricky Cooks on personal connections, small wins and his excitement for civic engagement.

Morgan Grosch, UT21 Senior

Finance and Plan II senior Morgan Grosch values community and giving, and looks forward to a future in public policy.

Abhishek Dasgupta, UT21 Senior

Biomedical engineering and business senior Abhishek Dasgupta talks about the value of mentorship and about opportunities to do good in the world.