Class of 2022

Class of 2022 Texas, UT Tower

Seizing the Moment, Class of 2022

These UT22 seniors are taking advantage of every opportunity to shape a better tomorrow.

Congratulations to The University of Texas at Austin Class of 2022 — you did it! You pushed past your comfort zones, learned more about yourself and the world around you, built lasting connections and left your mark on campus. Although this chapter is coming to an end, the momentum built from your time spent here is not. We have chosen these eight outstanding UT22 seniors to highlight because of their commitment to take what they’ve learned on the Forty Acres and create a positive impact. Among them are researchers, artists, innovators, entrepreneurs and community leaders ready to change the world.

Lucious McDaniel IV, UT22 Senior

Startup founder and business honors senior Lucious McDaniel IV on building businesses that make a difference and the value of mentorship and advocacy.

Grace Farley, UT22 Senior

Plan II Honors and social work senior Grace Farley talks about finding her voice and leading other first-generation students to do the same.

Hunter Beaton, UT22 Senior

Communication and leadership senior Hunter Beaton uses his UT education to grow his nonprofit and improve lives.

Kiara Kabbara, UT22 Senior

Government senior Kiara Kabbara says all of her passions — including representation, equity, politics and business — are coming together.

Mihir Kamble, UT22 Senior

What starts here changes the world — but might one day also help us leave it, says aerospace engineering senior Mihir Kamble.

Emily Slaughter, UT22

Nothing could have prepared nursing senior Emily Slaughter for the real world more than, well, the real world.

Bella Cheng, UT22 Senior

Studio art senior Bella Cheng has a wealth of experience, insight and multidisciplinary artistry to make the world brighter.

Brian Chavez, UT22 Senior

Biology honors senior Brian Chavez values authenticity and looks forward to practicing compassionate health care in the Rio Grande Valley.